Supporting Your Switch to Universal Credit

The additional resources that landlords need to manage the switch to Universal Credit should not be underestimated.

The Switch

It costs 500% more to manage Universal Credit cases than legacy benefit cases such as housing benefit and 89% of tenants on Universal Credit are in arrears.

Landlords will also have to collect twice as much rent through direct payment when UC is fully deployed. That is why many landlords are turning to RentSense to help them mitigate Universal Credit at a time when there are escalating costs in collection but also a need to find efficiencies.

Immediate Impact

Landlords have to create efficiencies within the income collection to help manage Universal Credit. Ordinarily this can take time; however, RentSense is deployed within a matter of weeks and helps deliver immediate efficiencies.


Prioritising Universal Credit Cases

In RentSense there is an optional rule set specifically for Universal Credit, which flags all UC tenants and then prioritises them for contact, irrespective of their arrears position, helping landlords that take a ‘safety first’ approach to Universal Credit.

Profiling UC Tenants


Almost all landlords, when they start managing Universal Credit cases, opt for an initial triage period, whereby the tenants receive a great deal of direct support. When numbers are low this can be achievable, although it is intensive, but as numbers grow this strategy becomes unsustainable as it drains resources and it can also be inefficient.

RentSense is able to accurately profile tenants after just three payment cycles. So, after the third payment RentSense can predict if a UC tenant will pay their rent on time. This allows income teams to allocate resource to where it is actually required, rather than targeting cases that don’t need contact and support.

Automating Support


Mobysoft’s RentText solution enables landlords to automate text rent reminder messages to tenants. These can be set to be sent on the day tenants receive their UC payment. This low-cost tool is a timely and effective solution in helping prompt tenants to pay their rent that helps mitigate the effects of Universal Credit.

Download Our UC Toolkit

Download our UC Toolkit: it contains advice, guidance and insight on how different social landlords have dealt with Universal Credit and what they have done to mitigate the effects on their organisation, and is a must-read document for all landlords concerned about Universal Credit.