Helping to Manage Welfare Reform

On-going welfare reform, such as the local housing allowance, universal credit and the benefit cap, means landlords need to do more with less whilst at the same time these reforms are squeezing their tenants’ income.

Mitigating Welfare Reform

RentSense is helping landlords create tangible efficiencies, such as officer capacity, so resources can be redeployed to specifically address welfare reform. In 2015 this is what we helped our customers achieve.


Average Caseload Reduction


Average Officer Capacity Created


Average Arrears Reduction

Efficiencies Created by Technology

This means landlords need to look to do things differently, and this is where the latest technology can help make fundamental differences.

Download Our Universal Credit Toolkit

Download our UC Toolkit: it contains advice, guidance and insight on how different social landlords have dealt with Universal Credit and what they have done to mitigate the effects on their organisation, and is a must read document for all landlords concerned about Universal Credit.