As welfare reform around the UK bites both landlord and tenant and the 1% rent cut in England has come into force many landlords are being asked to do more with less. In the face of far reaching and rapid change many landlords are looking for solutions that can help them create tangible efficiencies, protect revenues and mitigate the changes in the welfare system, that’s why many are investing in Mobysoft’s solutions as they help make a real difference.

Reducing Rent Arrears

The challenge for many landlords is understanding who owes them rent, and how much, at precisely any moment in time.

Streamlining Rent Collection

Landlords can only drive down arrears by increasing their collection rates. But increasing collection rates in the present environment is tough.

Mitigating Welfare Reform

The landscape of social housing has changed completely, and some argue forever. This is due to on-going welfare reform, Universal Credit and the 1% rent cut to name but a few of the reasons.

Mitigating Universal Credit

Universal Credit is looming and there is one thing that social landlords cannot do and that is ‘do nothing’.

Protecting Revenue and Cash Flow

We can help landlords protect revenues and cashflow to ensure they are able to continue to fund their services.

Creating Efficiencies

Most landlords are striving to create and embed efficiencies within their organisations we can help make these immediate efficiencies.