RentSense Modules

Further enhancements to the RentSense Solution

RentSense Modules

RentSense is a modular solution and apart from the ‘core’ element, RentSense, there are several plug-in modules that help landlords create even greater efficiencies and further enhance the solution.

Performance Reporting

Additional series of in-depth performance reports

Daily Processing

Audits tenants’ payment details in the HMS daily


Automate the escalation and actions of select arrears cases


SMS (text) solution for sending personalised texts

Former Tenants Arrears

Solution for managing Former Tenants Arrears


All the complementary modules are cloud based too and seamlessly ‘plug-in’ to RentSense. This helps expedite configuration and setting live. What’s more we manage upgrades and hosting so it does not impact on landlords’ finite IT resources.

Performance Reporting

With Performance Reporting management receives additional in-depth reports that help management further monitor and manage performance. There are ten reports that give management a clear overview of group and individual performance including: Patch Performance, Actioned and Unactioned Cases, Weekly & Monthly Collection Rates and Arrears Banding.

Management tool

The reporting portal makes it easy to analyse data and highlight trends from the previous twelve weeks across the income function as well as to see how RentSense is performing on a macro and micro level.


Why use Text Messaging?

Texts remain one of the most effective ways to communicate. Studies have shown that text message open rates exceed 99%, and that 90% of all SMS messages are read within three minutes of being received. So you know your tenants are seeing what you send.

Personalised Texts

Two-way Messaging

Set Text Rules

Manage Workload

Auto Corrects Numbers

Easy to Exclude Numbers

Highlights Invalid Numbers

Differentiates Mobiles from Landlines

Former Tenants Arrears

Former Tenants’ Arrears (FTA) helps landlords both recoup these arrears and prevent soon-to-be-former tenants from adding to these arrears. The FTA module integrates with RentSense and can appear either as its own separate patch or as part of the relevant officer’s caseload under an FTA rule.

Reduces Former Tenants Arrears

Flags Soon-to-be-former Tenants

Integrates with SMS Service

Integrates with RentSense

Reduces Bad Debt Write-offs

Flexible Patch Configuration

Increases Collection Rates

Cloud Based


For social housing income teams who need more efficient ways to manage increasing workloads from the rollout of Universal Credit, Mobysoft AutoEscalate uses the power of RentSense’s predictive analytics to intelligently identify cases for escalation at the right stage, allowing routine cases to be escalated automatically and enabling income officers to focus on the more complex arrears cases, requiring judgement and intervention.

Give officers more time

Universal Credit means officers need more time to work on cases. AutoEscalate frees up critical time by identifying which cases next action is something that can be automated, such as a letter or text. It strips those cases out of RentSense and presents them for automation.

Reduces Officers' Caseload

Embeds further efficiencies with less risk

Automatically escalates and de-escalates cases

Matches your arrears process

Enables earlier intervention

Enriched data for your business

Enables more focused tenant support

Reduces reliance on manual checking

Daily Processing

Further Efficiencies

Daily Processing does exactly what it says on the tin. It audits tenants’ payment details in the HMS daily rather than weekly, capturing all payments that are posted throughout the week.

It continually updates the officers’ workload removing tenants that have paid over the weekend and throughout the week, delivering further efficiencies.

Benefits of Daily Processing

Reduces Caseload

Cloud Based

Captures Erratic Payers

Seamlessly Updates Caseload

Automated Process

Captures Additional Payments