The most powerful rent arrears management software on the market.

Helping Smaller Landlords

RentSense Lite helps smaller landlords, with finite resources, to create efficiencies and protect revenue streams whilst mitigating Universal Credit and other on-going welfare reform.

RentSense Lite is an affordable solution that is deployed within weeks and delivers immediate impact! With our Lite version we have stripped out modules and functions that smaller landlords won’t need or use, such as Daily Processing, to create a solution that still delivers all the RentSense benefits.

So if you have fewer than 4,000 properties and you want to do the following:

Maximise revenue increase-cash-flow-2


mitigate-welfare-reformMitigate welfare reform 


chart3-512Manage the escalating demands of Universal Credit 


increase-cash-flowIncrease cash flow


create-substantial-efficienciesCreate substantial efficiencies within your organisation


create-officer-capacityCreate additional officer capacity


reduce-arrearsReduce your arrears


increase-collection-rates-2Increase collection rates



RentSense Lite employs the latest technology such as predictive technology, combined with complex algorithms that help generate accurate arrears caseloads for officers. Moreover, it is cloud-based, which means we manage all upgrades and hosting so it does not impact on landlords’ finite IT resources.

Working More Efficiently

Smaller landlords face the same issues and risks as their larger counterparts but often have constrained resources. Therefore, it is imperative that as organisations they are as lean and efficient as possible.

RentSense Lite helps smaller landlords deliver much needed tangible efficiencies. The application highlights payment patterns and enables the income team to intervene sooner, ensuring they are addressing the right cases in the right order.