The most powerful rent arrears management software on the market.

No more headaches over arrears

RentSense, is a unique solution that does much more than just help reduce arrears and increase collection rates. If your organisation is interested in doing any of the following then RentSense can help:

Maximise revenue increase-cash-flow-2


mitigate-welfare-reformMitigate welfare reform 


chart3-512Manage the escalating demands of Universal Credit 


increase-cash-flowIncrease cash flow


create-substantial-efficienciesCreate substantial efficiencies within your organisation


create-officer-capacityCreate additional officer capacity


reduce-arrearsReduce your arrears


increase-collection-rates-2Increase collection rates


What it does

RentSense is a series of complex algorithms that analyse a housing organisation’s tenants’ transactional history, which is coupled with a predictive analytical application that then predicts which tenants will and won’t pay their rent. It then produces a list of tenants, in priority order, that need contacting that week regarding their rent.

In turn this means the officers’ caseloads are greatly reduced; reductions of over 50% are common-place, and officers are then able to complete their caseload each week. What’s more, officers are contacting the right tenants at the right time, helping to drive down arrears.

What Rentsense delivers in year one


Average Caseload Reduction


Average Efficiency Saving


Average Arrears Reduction

Why is it unique?

If you are not already using RentSense then you will most likely be using your Housing Management Systems (HMS) to manage your rent arrears. There are three key technical differences between RentSense and HMS:


RentSense uses a series of complex algorithms that analyse tenants’ payment data so it can identify payment patterns.

Predictive Technology

Once the algorithms have identified payment patterns RentSense’s predictive technology then projects the risk and predicts which tenants will pay and which will not.

Cloud Based

RentSense is a cloud-based solution; this means officers can access it from any location on any web-enabled device, for example on a tablet when visiting residents.

What our customers say

“Every member embraced RentSense and could see the benefits from day one. It is a business critical application.”

Lyn Moore

Merthyr Valleys Homes

“RentSense has given us that focus that has freed up time so we can start looking and planning ahead and ensure we are maximising our income.” Sarah Aldred

First Choice Homes Oldham

“RentSense has created the equivalent capacity of 10.47 income officers or FTE. This capacity is helping us mitigate welfare reform, and Universal Credit, and drive down arrears.”

Clare Toye

Genesis Housing Association

“As an Income Team you simply want to know who is in arrears, then who is getting worse and by how much. Traditional Housing Management Systems are not effective at doing this – RentSense is.”

Jonathan Brownbill

Equity Housing Group

Rentsense works with all housing management systems

RentSense works with all housing management systems (HMS). It takes a data feed from the HMS and then analyses and predicts payers and non-payers and produces the officers’ caseload. Once a case is actioned officers tick a single box in RentSense and update the HMS.

Additional Modules

RentSense is a modular solution and apart from the ‘core’ element, RentSense, there are several plug-in modules that help landlords create even greater efficiencies and further enhance the solution.

Performance Reporting

Additional series of in-depth performance reports

Daily Processing

Audits tenants’ payment details in the HMS daily

RentSense Analytics

A real time benchmarking and management tool


SMS (text) solution for sending personalised texts

Consultative Approach

Want to know more? We analyse your processes and systems, then present our findings based on your facts and figures, calculating what RentSense can help deliver.