Specialist social landlord, Women’s Pioneer, has invested in predictive analytical solution RentSense to specifically help them mitigate Universal Credit.

London-based Women’s Pioneer, which was founded in 1920, specialise in providing social housing exclusively for women. They are a small social landlord with around 1,000 properties, and as such have limited resources.

“We do not have a dedicated income team,” explains Christine Desborough, Housing Director at Women’s Pioneer. “Therefore, our arrears are part of a general portfolio of work that Housing Officers carry out. RentSense will save time and resources by giving our officers the information they need quickly and efficiently.”

Arrears recovery is not currently an issue for the landlord, however with full-service Universal Credit being rolled out across the country, and many landlords, facing rising arrears, Women’s Pioneer were keen to use RentSense to help support their tenants and mitigate the benefit’s effects.

“The roll out of Universal Credit presents a huge challenge and adopting RentSense is part of a strategy for dealing with this. It (RentSense) was recommended to us by another social landlord who recently implemented it. For us, the software has a clear purpose and delivers on that in a user-friendly way and I would recommend it to other landlords,” commented Christine.