West of Scotland Housing Association, who have over 3,500 homes across Glasgow, North and South Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, have invested in RentSense to help them mitigate welfare reform and free up constrained resources.

Like many other RSLs the Covid pandemic has presented challenges for West of Scotland, and some of their customers have struggled financially during the restrictions.

“The impact on some tenants and their ability to pay their rent has meant that we have needed to offer increased levels of support to them,” comments Robert Campbell, Director of Housing and Community Services.

West of Scotland were already facing constrained resources and with rising arrears along with the on-going pandemic the decision was made to invest in RentSense.

“We spoke with other RSLs and got very positive feedback about RentSense and how it helps mitigate arrears and improve performance. We needed the intelligence it offers in terms of helping identifying tenants at the very first stages of debt, so we can intervene and support,” commented Robert.

The RentSense solution will also help West of Scotland monitor workload across the team, patches are easily amended, to ensure that there is parity for officers. Managers can also see how officers are managing their workload throughout the week so additional resource can be allocated if required.

“There were lots of recommendations from peers, and as a team we needed the additional functionality that RentSense offers, so we are looking forward to getting started,” concluded Robert.


“It’s great to have another Scottish Housing Association invest in RentSense, there are over 25 Scottish social landlords now using RentSense. We are looking forward to getting West of Scotland live,”  Commented Paul Evans, Director at Mobysoft.