West Lancashire Borough Council has deployed RentSense to help their officers support tenants through the transition of Universal Credit and mitigate rising arrears.

“Officers had started to experience increasing casework, arrears cases were becoming more complex which required additional support, as tenants moved over to Universal Credit. The process of prioritising cases was time consuming and frustrating as officers were looking at cases that did not require any intervention,” explains Jane Maguire, Income and Financial Inclusion Manager, at West Lancs.

West Lancs began to look into what systems were available to help landlords support their teams to access the arrears cases that required intervention and embed efficiencies

Top Performers use RentSense

“After benchmarking we noticed that the organisations who were achieving top performance in recovering arrears were all using RentSense. As we continually seek to improve our processes and achieve top quartile performance in rent recovery at West Lancashire, we realised this was a product that could help support us in this journey.” Commented Jane.

As a result of positive references and working with Mobysoft on the business case the council took the decision to invest in RentSense, and it is already having an impact for West Lancs. The income officers’ caseload has been significantly reduced and the team have embraced using the system, as a result they are now able to offer more time and support to tenants.

“We are now able to pick up cases at a much earlier stage to prevent the customers debt becoming unmanageable. It also allows the manager to review priorities daily and makes casework easy to manage for officers and across the whole income team.” Explains Jane.

Since going live with RentSense the income team are working on completing 100% of cases each week, and the support they have received from Mobysoft has helped ensure their continued high performance.

“Since deployment we have received a professional and dedicated service and feel confident that our feedback and service requirements will continue to be supported,” commented Jane.


“It’s great to be working with another local authority and helping embed efficiencies,” commented Mobysoft’s commercial director, Paul Evans.

“Our focus is very much on working with and supporting customers on the deployment and then focusing on usage and performance with them post go-live so they achieve their targets with RentSense.”