Scottish registered social landlord, Waverley Housing, has invested in predictive analytical software, called RentSense, to help embed efficiencies and mitigate Universal Credit.

Waverley had concerns about the potential impact of full-service Universal Credit on their housing officers’ time and ability to maintain the organisation’s performance.

“We wanted to plan for this (full-service roll out) in order to ensure our housing teams can work as effectively as possible in dealing with the forecast impact. We are aware of research that indicates the negative effects of the roll out on average arrears levels and the increasing amounts of staff time spent on dealing with Universal Credit cases,” explained Gregor Booth, Operations Director at Waverley.

Prior to investing in RentSense Waverley asked Mobysoft to evaluate their income collection systems and processes, which formed part of a free consultancy session, termed Discovery Day.

“The Discovery Day reinforced our initial feelings that the RentSense Lite was a cost effective and user-friendly package that would deliver the benefits we were looking for in terms of more effectively utilising staff time to secure lower arrears figures,” commented Gregor.

This process is also something that Waverley would recommend to other social landlords, as Gregor explains.

“The Discovery Day allows for both parties to carry out a detailed review of your current arrears management arrangements, and if appropriate, select the most suitable RentSense package to deliver improvements to these arrangements.”

Waverley also spoke to other landlords about their decision to invest and get their feedback on the implementation and the effects of the solution. What’s more a key-point for Waverley is there are no long-term contracts with RentSense.

“We have been able to sign up to a twelve months contract for RentSense to see if it works for us, which gives us time to evaluate the system and keeps our investment to a minimum,” highlighted Gregor.