The London Borough of Waltham Forest has gone live with Mobysoft’s predictive analytical tool RentSense.

The London Borough, which owns and manages over 10,000 council houses, were keen to mitigate the on-going effects of welfare reform as well as reducing their rent arrears, according to Shayem Pervez, Income Services Manager at the Council:

“Full-service Universal Credit goes live in Waltham Forest in November this year and we need to create capacity within the team to be able to deal with its effects. We are also wanting to strengthen the services we offer by improving the way we work, which is what RentSense will enable us to do.”

Before investing in RentSense, Waltham Forest Council spoke with several other social landlords to understand what benefits the solution was delivering, in addition to having a full consultancy day with Mobysoft which resulted in compelling business case proposal.

“RentSense is a tried and tested product being used by social landlords up and down the country including many other London Boroughs,” explained Shayem.

“Importantly, with the landlords we spoke to, RentSense is meeting its business case expectations and we expect that to happen here too.”

On the day, Waltham Forest deployed RentSense, it went well with the income team using RentSense to help them work more efficiently, as Shayem explains:

“Some of the staff were not sure what to expect, but from the start they could see it was doing the time-consuming work so they did not have to, which is the beauty of RentSense.”

“Waltham Forest is the ninth London Borough to use RentSense,” explained Mobysoft commercial director, Paul Evans. “Many of the capital’s local authorities are looking to create and embed efficiencies to mitigate welfare reform, especially Universal Credit, and for many RentSense is meeting these needs.”