Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust has gone live with Mobysoft’s RentSense solution to help them mitigate Universal Credit and manage their income collection more effectively

Prior to RentSense Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust had a strong rent arrears performance of just over 1{bc2f0c5fbf2663b4d0f6e0c34d5097d2a5d9b5833bdf48086cfa9324f9f68701}. However, their Housing Management System (HMS) was unreliable in picking up accounts at all stages, as Liz Prankard, Income Manager at the Trust explains:

“The team were using workaround reports and manually working through lists of cases, a large number of these did not require action. Some cases were being looked at more than once in a week, as they were on more than one report, again not good value for money, or best use of our time.”

With Universal Credit on the horizon Liz was keen for the Trust’s income team to work more efficiently.

“With the implementation of UC, we anticipate a rise in rent arrears and number of cases requiring action. Rather than employ more staff to cope with this additional workload, we wanted to use a system to help us work more effectively. It will also give the team more job satisfaction knowing that they are working on cases that require action, not wasting their time.”

Prior to investing in RentSense Vale of Aylesbury Housing asked Mobysoft to evaluate their arrears systems and processes, which formed part of a discovery day consultancy.

“The discovery day for us was just a confirmation of what we already knew. But for us, it was a way of illustraing that our Housing Management System was restricting our arrears performance.”

Vale of Aylesbury Housing made the decision to invest in RentSense and went live with system at the end of January 2018.

“The team were all excited to get started with RentSense as they knew it would reduce their workload and enable them to work efficiently,” explained Liz.


“It’s great having Vale of Aylesbury Housing go live,” commented Paul Evans, Mobysoft’s Commercial Director. “On their first day RentSense helped provide their team with an accurate caseload and reduced their workload by around 40{bc2f0c5fbf2663b4d0f6e0c34d5097d2a5d9b5833bdf48086cfa9324f9f68701} on day one.”