Trust Housing has invested in RentSense to help intervene at the earliest stages of debt to maximise rental income and help tenants out of debt.

This decision was accelerated by corona virus, and like many of their peers the pandemic has impacted the organisation and its tenants, as Lorraine Fitzsimons, Housing Operations Manager explains:

“Covid has brought concerns and challenges to both customers and staff. We have made a huge effort to keep our customers safe and up to date with official guidance. Our rent and benefits advice service teams have helped support and guide those customers affected by the crisis.”

Prior to the pandemic, Trust was keen to help support tenants in the early stages of arrears and help them out of debt. However, their rent team were struggling to get an accurate caseload from their housing management system.

“The team were facing reporting challenges and ensuring that we could target the right arrears cases first led to us looking at RentSense. We have room to improve on early intervention which is important now and in the future to help maximise our rental income, and move tenants out of debt,” explains Lorraine.

The fact that RentSense is used by over 20 Scottish social landlords meant the team at Trust were able to reference how the system can help providers reduce arrears and sustain tenancies.

“We spoke to our contacts at other Scottish social landlords who use RentSense. They told us how RentSense leads to improvements, this gave us confidence that we were making the right choice for Trust,” highlighted Lorraine.


“It’s so important that landlords can support their tenants in the present environment so we are excited to be working with Trust to help them identify those customers that need support, and have been impacted by Covid, and then enable them to offer help and advice,” commented Paul Evans, Director at Mobysoft.