Together Housing, a 38,000 strong Housing Association based in the North of England, has just completed a successful end of year to 2019/20 by beating their end of year arrears target and reducing evictions by 39%.

“We achieved exceeded year end performance targets for 2019/20 explains Jackie Tagg, Income Manager, at Together Housing.

Together Housing was an amalgamation of 5 housing associations, and this is the third year of being a single organisation.

“During this time we have improved processes in income management to promote new best practice, and we have taken a more consistent approach across the board, and this could not have happened without RentSense.”

“Evictions have reduced by 39% this year. Early intervention and a consistent approach, enabled by RentSense, has helped the team sustain more tenancies.”

Working in a new Environment

Together has had a policy of working from home in place for many years, with staff completing up to 3 days a week from home prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, the only difference being they now work from home every day and were able to hit the ground running.

“With RentSense it is easy for the team to log on and work from home and I am able to manage the team remotely as I can see how they are performing. What RentSense has really helped enable since the switch to working from home full time is the ability to divvy up workload as the week progresses. Since the outbreak of coronavirus we have seen a 30% increase in officer caseload.”

According to Jackie the first week the team were very reactive, answering incoming calls from customers. Together has a high percentage of self-payers and many were concerned about paying rent or asking for help making Universal Credit claims, indeed many of the tenants calling in had never had any issues paying their rent in the past.

“It was a great response from the income team, as the officers were able to reassure many customers and help them with payment plans, advice and guidance and show how we are here to support all our tenants.”

Together are operating a supportive but balanced approach to income, the team are focused on personal contact, and through using RentSense they can monitor increases in workload and therefore plan resource requirements around this insight.

“We are conscious of workload and phone calls are taking longer but we can measure what requirements we need in the team and can look to make provision for this moving forward. RentSense has helped us prioritise caseload and support those tenants that need assistance, and now we can plan for business as usual.” concludes Jackie.