Thirteen, the largest landlord in the North East, has signed a three-year extended contract to continue to use RentSense across its organisation to help manage its rent accounts, embed efficiencies and mitigate the effects of Universal Credit.

RentSense helps support Thirteen’s commitment to putting customers at the heart of the business. The system helps reduce the arrears caseload of individual neighbourhood coordinators by showing just the cases that need action at the earliest stages, so they can support customers in the best way, at the most appropriate times.

Kay Glew, Director of Neighbourhoods at Thirteen, said: “RentSense means we can identify debt quicker, so we can intervene earlier and have a conversation with the customers to offer support where we need to.

“It also frees up vital time, so our neighbourhood coordinators can spend more time out and about in their communities, building further relationships.”

RentSense has helped bring a range of additional benefits including aiding flexible working and helping Thirteen’s staff members deliver a substantial reduction in arrears in the first year of use across the business.

Not only is Thirteen benefiting from the software, the customer service provided is also a key element. The experience of working with Mobysoft has been central to Thirteen investing in a three-year contract with RentSense, as John Wright, Director of Finance (Transactions and Planning), John Wright explains.

“The relationship with Mobysoft is great,” he said. “We have regular meetings and get quick responses to any queries. Overall it’s a great customer experience.”

“RentSense helps us better manage our debt. Mobysoft is always looking to develop the product and the level of service is excellent. RentSense is able to adapt to our business and needs and it is very flexible as it is able to link across other systems.”


Mobysoft’s Commercial Director, Paul Evans, added: “We’re delighted that Thirteen have invested for a three-year term in RentSense. We are keen to work with Thirteen as a key development partner moving forward, helping us tailor and develop our products and services with our customers’ changing needs.”