St. Albans Council has gone live with Mobysoft’s RentSense solution to help them mitigate Universal Credit and manage their income collection more effectively.

Prior to going live with RentSense St. Albans income team were using their Housing Management System to generate their income officers’ caseload.

“Our housing system was recommending lots of cases where no action was needed, so a lot of officer time was being used checking accounts that did not need it. Also, some cases were not being recommended at all until the arrears were at a high level which was not helping our arrears figure,” explains Lina Clifford, Income Team Leader at the Council.

Having used RentSense at another social landlord, prior to working at St. Albans, Lina believed that RentSense could help the local authority rectify their recommendations from the HMS. To look into this the council invited Mobysoft to deliver a free consultancy day (termed Discovery Day), which analysed their income collection process and systems.

“I would recommend the Discovery Day to other landlords, as I think it is important for organisations to be aware of what RentSense can offer so that they can make an informed choice,” comments Lina.

For the go live St. Albans Council’s dedicated Client Success Manager, Tracy Smith from Mobysoft, was on hand to train and floor walk for the day, helping officers get used to a new system. What’s more their Account Director will be visiting St. Albans 30 days after go-live to ensure that RentSense is meeting the business case for caseload reduction.

“Everything went very smoothly on deployment, it is such an easy system to use,” said Lina. “The officers were really looking forward to this new system, especially as they were fed up of trawling through pointless recommendations before.”

“The go-live was a great success,” comments Paul Evans, Mobysoft’s commercial director. “RentSense substantially reduced officers’ caseload on go-live and freed up officers’ time so they can focus on mitigating the impact of Universal Credit.”