Sovereign Housing Group has driven down arrears for five successive years with the help of Mobysoft’s RentSense, a predictive analytics solution.

Sovereign was keen to create capacity across their income function to enable them to mitigate the threat of welfare reform, such as Universal Credit. When the decision was made to deploy RentSense, Sovereign consisted of four different housing associations, all of whom were using separate Housing Management Systems (HMS).

As RentSense can operate across multiple systems it immediately helped simplify the collection process across the organisation.

“RentSense took away the clutter,” explains Luke Bingham, Regional Director at Sovereign. “It substantially reduced the caseload which had a number of key effects. This meant that officers could start getting through their caseload, and as it was accurate they were not wasting time checking records. These things both created capacity within the team.”

Sovereign credits RentSense with embedding efficiencies and helping them stem the workload from Universal Credit and other welfare reform.

“From a strategic point of view, despite the fiscal environment and welfare reform Sovereign’s arrears have fallen year on year for five years and RentSense has been instrumental in us achieving that. It has also created efficiencies and capacity within Sovereign, so we are able to tackle welfare reform.”

As Sovereign currently consolidate their systems, following the merger with Spectrum (who were also a RentSense user), they are now using RentSense across the group.

“Many social landlords tell us that ‘creating efficiencies whilst maintaining performance’ is a top priority. This is what RentSense is doing for over 95 social landlords, including Sovereign,” commented Mobysoft’s Commercial Director, Paul Evans.