South Tyneside Homes, the ALMO for the South Tyneside Council, has invested in Mobysoft’s RentSense, a predictive analytical solution.

“Similar to many other housing organisations we are bracing ourselves for Universal Credit and the impact that this brings to rent arrears,” explains Theresa Amour, Financial Wellbeing Manager at South Tyneside Homes.

As a result of the recent budget, Universal Credit will now be rolled out three months later than planned in South Tyneside in May 2018, however it is anticipated as the local authority transitions to full-service it will have an immediate impact on the ALMO’s income officers’ workload.

“Our staff have large management areas and a high workload and new functions within their role. It was imperative that we change how we work, to become more efficient, investing in RentSense is central to that,” comments Theresa.

“We had heard of how RentSense had helped other organisations deliver significant efficiencies as well as reduce arrears, and a staff member had used RentSense elsewhere and had a positive experience.”

“At Mobysoft we are seeing many social landlords invest in RentSense to mitigate welfare reform and deliver real efficiencies,” explains Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft.

Prior to choosing to invest in RentSense, Mobysoft delivered a free consultancy day (termed discovery day) at the ALMO, analysing processes and systems, which according to Theresa:

“I would recommend the Discovery Day, with Mobysoft. It was informative, specific to South Tyneside Homes, and offered a good insight into what efficiencies Mobysoft believes we can achieve.”