South Kesteven District Council, has gone live with Mobysoft’s RentSense, a predictive analytical solution.

South Kesteven Council owns and manages over 6,000 council houses in the district has invested in RentSense to help improve performance and create efficiencies.

“Arrears were continuing to rise due to limited staff resource, and the team were manually processing a banded arrears list on a monthly basis. They were spending time reviewing cases that were in arrears and paying, and not enough time was spent on those that were not actually paying. We were aware full-service universal credit was going live this Autumn in this District and felt that RentSense would assist our team in focusing on those cases that needed it and becoming more efficient and effective,” commented Jeanette Strutt, Revenues Manager at the Council.

Deploying new software systems can be a lengthy and onerous task, which consumes a lot of resource. However, with RentSense it takes around twelve weeks to go live, and has limited involvement by the users in the configuration and deployment.

“The implementation went very well. Our Client Success Manager (from Mobysoft) was very thorough and spent the morning presenting the product to the team, then floor walking with them in the afternoon. They also spent time with the management team going through the reporting tool. The Mobysoft chocolate cake went down well too!” commented Jeannette.

“It’s great to have South Kesteven Council live with RentSense, they are one of the many councils using the system to deliver efficiencies. What’s more we will be meeting with Jeanette 30 days post go-live to ensure RentSense is already delivering the agreed business case.” Commented Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft.

“There have been over twenty-five social landlords invest in RentSense in 2017, and there are now over 90 organisations using the solution.”