Six Scottish social landlords have extended their RentSense contracts to help them manage their income collection and sustain more tenancies.

There are over 20 Scottish social landlords already using RentSense, but many are now looking for longer term contracts. There were many reasons cited for investing over a longer period of time, such as improved performance, greater efficiencies the ability to support the right tenants, easier longer-term planning. Indeed Amanda Miller, Director of Housing and Care Services at Eildon Housing, commented:

“Eildon was happy to sign up to a 4-year deal with Mobysoft, it helps us meet our business needs and has helped us improve the way we plan and manage our arrears cases and the service is excellent.”

Also, for many, the impact of Covid has highlighted the necessity of a highly accurate caseload which in turn enables staff to support the right customers at the earliest opportunity and in turn sustain more tenancies.

“Since implementing Mobysoft, our arrears cases that require to be looked at have decreased by 40% on average per week, allowing the team to concentrate on cases that require actioning. This has helped us keep within target despite the COVID-19 Pandemic,” explained Lenore Suddon, Housing Services Manager, at Waverley Housing.

The unique technology that sits within RentSense that enables both accurate predictions and arrears workload has also been a factor for landlords.

“With their diagnostic approach to identifying priority arrears cases Mobysoft offer a solution that is not currently being provided by anyone else. Most importantly a long-term contract at fixed costs allows us to manage and plan our software service costs around our business requirements.” Explains Amanda.

These views were also echoed by Whiteinch and Scotstoun’s Housing Manager, Jim Calderwood:

“We have found RentSense to be an excellent rent arrears management tool that enables staff to focus on the most urgent arrears cases that require attention rather than having to spend time going through a long list of arrears cases, many of which require no action at that particular time. As a result, staff can better control arrears levels as well as having more capacity to carry out other key functions. RentSense also provides a range of reports that enables effective monitoring and management of arrears performance overall.”

At a time when most are working from home and the ability to train staff on new systems is done virtually, having easy to use solutions helps overcome any potential training issues.

“Recently we have had to have cover provided by a new user and they were immediately able to use RentSense whilst working remotely. The ease of use has been invaluable.” Commented Amanda.

In addition to the solution, the customer service was also singled out by several landlords as an important factor.

“They (Mobysoft) provide an excellent customer support service and are proactive in terms of setting up regular liaison meetings, training sessions and events.” Explained Jim.


“It’s great to have so many Scottish customers commit longer term to RentSense. We look forward to working and supporting them with RentSense and our services over the next few years and beyond,” commented Paul Evans, Director at Mobysoft.