Shepherds Bush Housing Group (SBHG) has reduced its rent arrears by £291,000 in less than twelve months since deploying RentSense.

As part of SBHG’s wider income collection review, they invested in RentSense in late 2018, as they looked to optimise rent collection, mitigate welfare reform and utilise technology to maximise internal efficiencies.

The initial impact of RentSense was to reduce rent officers’ arrears caseload by around 50%, which in turn gave them more time for tenants, as Justine Hart, Income Manager at SBHG, explains:

“RentSense has freed up more time for staff to enable them to adopt smarter, more holistic working practices and engage more effectively with external agencies to get great outcomes for our residents.”

The benefits of having an accurate and reduced caseload has had wider ramifications than just helping them reduce their arrears, as Justine highlights:

“With an accurate caseload officers know every contact matters. What’s more the team can now complete their weekly caseload, and as a result staff morale has improved and arrears performance is the best it’s been in at least 10 years. Our arrears have reduced from 4.38% at the week RentSense went live to a current low of 3.5%. In financial terms this is a reduction of £291,000!” commented Justine.

RentSense also provides SBHG with insight into team performance and wider information across the organisation.

“The reports enable me to quickly highlight cases which have had no action, as well as view weekly case completion statistics. I can also establish what individual workloads are so I can redistribute cases as needed. The new dashboard also provides really helpful insight into the number of Universal Credit cases and level of arrears,” commented Justine.

“RentSense has proven to be incredibly effective and excellent value for money.”

“RentSense helps enable improved results. The hard work Justine and the income team have put in has been rewarded with their exceptional performance. By having an accurate caseload SBHG have been able to allocate the right resource to the right tenants at the right time, with some fantastic results to show for it.” Commented Paul Evans, Director at Mobysoft.