Shepherds Bush Housing Group (SBHG) has selected RentSense to help them develop their Future 50 approach to income management.

Darren Reynolds, Head of Housing at SBHG, said: “Making better use of our data means we spend less time on administration and more time on value-adding activities that support our residents. The intelligence and insight that RentSense provides will allow us to do that.


“It will lead to a more pro-active, preventative approach, which means we become more efficient as a business and prevent residents getting into debt which can ultimately lead to them losing their home.”

SBHG will also use RentSense to manage the introduction of Universal Credit.

Darren said: “Since inception, we have operated in a number of UC areas and whilst the introduction was slow, we found that over the past year the roll-out has increased. We need to use the insight from RentSense so we can use our time to more productively manage the transition for our residents.


“At SBHG we went through a rigorous procurement exercise to ensure quality and value for money. We conducted best practice market research and feedback from existing customers was positive in terms of the impact Rentsense has made in efficiencies and also improvements in performance across a number of organisations.”

Part of the project for SBHG in evaluating RentSense was undertaking a consultancy day, termed Discovery Day, from Mobysoft. This helps highlight strengths and weaknesses with current processes and systems.

“SBHG join an ever-growing number of social landlords investing in RentSense to help embed efficiencies and mitigate Universal Credit. For many the investment is lead by the fact that they can see and evidence how RentSense is being used across a wide number of social landlords all over Britain, delivering results and often exceeding business cases.” Commented Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft.