Queens Cross Housing Association, in Glasgow, has invested in Mobysoft’s RentSense solution for a trial period. The aim is to give housing officers more time to carry out their wider duties and help further improve performance before going live on full-service Universal Credit.

The social landlord’s housing officers manage the Association’s tenancies and collecting rent forms only part of their responsibilities.

“We are making good progress in reducing rent arrears but Housing Officers are spending an excessive amount of time identifying the cases to work on. This impacts on the time available for letting properties and other tenancy matters,” explains Louise Smith, Director of Neighbourhood Services at Queens Cross.

Queens Cross spoke to Mobysoft to see if RentSense was a suitable solution and if it could help create a lighter and more accurate arrears workload for their officers. Following the consultancy and, discovering a high number of social landlords using the same HMS had invested in RentSense, highlighted how the system helps others in the sector.

“Our Housing Officers were impressed with the way RentSense prioritises caseloads and this should help them focus their attention where it is needed. It also helps that the software can be installed and operational within 3-months, so we should start seeing the benefits and a positive impact on performance quickly. As Universal Credit will go to full service in October we wanted to get RentSense for this pilot period to put us in a stronger position to deal with the impact of full UC implementation.”


“It’s great to have another Scottish landlord invest in RentSense,” commented Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft.


“Many find that our annual contracts are ideal for trialling RentSense in their organisation, so they can analyse the results, before they go on to commit to longer term investments. We are already working on the project with Queens Cross, getting them live with RentSense to help free up time for their officers.”