On the first day of deploying Mobysoft’s RentSense application, Ongo Homes cut their weekly arrears caseload in half.

Ongo’s income team, consisting of seven officers, used their Housing Management System (HMS) to generate their rent arrears caseload prior to using RentSense. This was typically producing 3,278 cases each week, many of which needed no action. On the day of go-live RentSense, using predictive analytics to analyse all tenants’ payment history and predict payers and non-payers, slashed the caseload by 54{bc2f0c5fbf2663b4d0f6e0c34d5097d2a5d9b5833bdf48086cfa9324f9f68701} and recommended 1,769 cases. RentSense is incredibly accurate at flagging tenants that have or are predicted to miss their rent payment. This means social landlords like Ongo Homes only speak to the tenants they need to.

From day one RentSense has also helped Ongo Homes prioritise workload more effectively and cope with staff absences, as Income Manager at Ongo Homes, Gareth Roebuck explains:

“RentSense has already helped to deal with staff absence. The way the software is set out allows me to see where the priority lies and where the most cover is needed. I can ensure that we are still dealing with those customers most in need of help or action on a weekly basis.”

Moreover, as well as embedding immediate efficiencies it is also helping Ongo mitigate the effects of Universal Credit and support their tenants making the transition to the benefit, as Gareth highlights:

“RentSense has allowed us to change the focus of the team to dealing with cases at the earliest possible opportunity. This means that we will pick up those claimants struggling to deal with a new UC claim during their waiting period. We know that there will be no money to make any payments during that period, but it gives us the opportunity to build that relationship and trust before the payment cycle begins.”

On the day of training and implementation, the whole process went “very smoothly” according to Gareth. Ongo’s income team had previously visited other landlords using RentSense which helped them get an understanding of the solution.

The reduction in arrears caseload has also meant that the income team now feel they can work through their caseload, as Gareth explains:

“We’re now able to give teams achievable targets that they can monitor themselves, which is proving to be a motivator across the team.”