Ongo Homes have invested in Mobysoft’s RentSense predictive software solution to help them improve efficiencies within their organisation.

Ongo, a social landlord with around 10,000 homes in North Lincolnshire, like all social landlords, is having to find cost savings and create greater efficiencies due to the 1% rent cut, ongoing welfare reform and the roll out of Universal Credit. According to Income Manager at Ongo Homes, Gareth Roebuck:

“Ongo has signed up to Mobysoft’s RentSense to improve our efficiency and ensure that we’re managing the cases that need it. Like all housing organisations, we have a serious need for cost savings and improved collection, and we believe RentSense can help us achieve that.”

For Ongo Homes, like many landlords that invest in RentSense, it is not about reducing arrears per se; it is about freeing capacity within their income teams so they can allocate the resource to where it is actually required, and creating spare capacity within teams to help mitigate the additional workload that Universal Credit will bring, as well as protecting revenue streams.

“With issues in the future such as further welfare reforms and the roll out of Universal Credit, we need to give our team the time to support those customers who may have difficulty in managing their rent payments,” explained Gareth.

For Ongo, as for all Mobysoft customers, from signing the contract to the full deployment takes only 12 weeks and RentSense helps create immediate efficiencies which enable landlords to work towards meeting their goals for the solution. Gareth explains what Ongo hope to achieve:

“We hope that RentSense will create both the staff time and the system intelligence to intervene with cases at the earliest opportunity.  We want to shift our focus to prevent manageable debts becoming court cases and potential evictions. RentSense should help us with those goals.”