Mobysoft has won a Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation for its cloud-based solution RentSense.

Following the 1 per cent rent cut and on-going welfare reform social landlords are under a huge amount of pressure to create considerable efficiencies to maintain their services. Mobysoft’s RentSense is helping landlords deliver substantial efficiencies, it helped asra Housing Group reduce arrears by £1.65m over two years, as well helping create efficiencies to help landlords mitigate the risk of Universal Credit and welfare reform.

Many landlords use ERP IT systems to manage rent payments and arrears. These typically wait for tenants to miss a payment before ‘flagging’them for contact. RentSense uses innovative algorithms to analyse tenants’payment histories and then predicts which tenants will pay on time and which won’t, so the income teams are proactive and able to help support tenants more effectively whilst driving down arrears.

Due to the effectiveness of RentSense in helping to reduce arrears, create savings and efficiencies more and more social landlords are deploying RentSense, this includes HA’s, Councils and ALMOs. This is something Janette Pearce, Head of Neighbourhoods at Together Housing Group has first-hand experience of, as Janette explains.

“Working alongside Mobysoft is helping our organisation deliver our vision for reducing arrears. Their RentSense software is helping us to minimise costs, waste and ultimately reduce workloads for our income teams.”

South Staffordshire Housing Association has also benefitted from using as RentSense as Jan Goode, Director of Customer Services explains.

“As an organisation we have chosen to work with Mobysoft because we recognise that RentSense is exactly the kind of innovative technology we were looking for. With economic challenges faced by the housing sector we needed to drive efficiency and ensure we were able to predict customer payment risk and behaviours and thereby target our resources effectively and sustain our top quartile performance.”

Founder and CEO of Mobysoft Derek Steele commented:

“We are thrilled to win this Innovation award. I believe it helps reflect the innovation of RentSense as there is no other solution that uses predictive analytics and algorithms in the sector and in such a way that is helping many mitigate on-going welfare reform and the 1% rent cut. However this award would not have been possible without the excellent staff we have at Mobysoft, it is their hard work that has made this possible.”