Mobysoft’s cloud-based RentSense solution has won Best IT System or App at the Housing Excellence Awards.

Following the 1% rent cut and on-going welfare reform social landlords are under a huge amount of pressure to create considerable efficiencies to maintain their services. Mobysoft’s cloud-based RentSense solution is helping landlords protect their revenue streams and mitigate the effects of welfare reform and Universal credit through creating tangible efficiencies.

RentSense, a predictive analytical tool, is ensuring income teams are speaking to the right tenants at the right time. It has helped asra Housing Group reduce arrears by £1.65m over two years, as well helping create efficiencies to help landlords mitigate the risk of Universal Credit and welfare reform.

“We are incredibly proud to win this award and it helps vindicate the success our customers are enjoying with RentSense, last year we helped reduce our 60 customers’ arrears by circa £29m,”

commented Mobysoft CEO, Derek Steele.

“The challenge posed by welfare reform have prompted landlords to look for new ways to create tangible efficiencies and protect revenue streams. The results that RentSense is delivering customers is why so many landlords are now investing.”

Blackpool Coastal Housing (BCH), who recently invested in RentSense, are a high performer in income management but were keen to try to future proof their income.

“The threats posed by Welfare Reform are a high strategic priority for us (BCH) as an organisation,”

explained Maggie Cornall, Director of Operations

“Particularly as we have traditionally had high levels of Housing Benefit claimants. With more people being encouraged to work and claimants moving onto Universal Credit our income stream is put at risk by no longer having the comfort of direct payments from the Housing Benefit Service.”