Mobysoft’s Rent Arrears module has been shortlisted for most innovative IT System or App in the Social Housing Sector.

Mobysoft has invested over £5m in its RentSense solution. This is a complex algorithm that uses predictive technology to help social landlords reduce arrears, mitigate welfare reform, increase cash flow and create FTE capacity.

Mobysoft’s entry highlighted how different types of landlords HAs, ALMOs, Councils of different sizes had significantly reduced arrears, saving many hundreds of thousands of pounds whilst also creating FTE capacity, at a time when efficiency savings are critical. This capacity is enabling landlords to offer a more supportive service to tenants. One landlord highlighted how RentSense had helped significantly reduce court costs and evictions, helping more families stay in their homes, as they were able to offer more support and at the right times. What’s more RentSense is also helping landlords mitigate the effects of universal credit and other welfare reform.

“We are really pleased to be shortlisted for this innovation award. RentSense is unique in the market and it utilises the latest in predictive technology helping landlords find efficiency savings at a time when this is vital,”

commented Mobysoft CEO and founder, Derek Steele.

The winners will be announced at an award ceremony at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London on 18th February 2016.