Mobysoft has been shortlisted in the Northern Tech Awards for the second successive year.

Mobysoft, a SaaS ISV of a predictive data analytics solution called RentSense, has been shortlisted in the Northern Tech Awards, which recognise the Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in the North, for the second successive year.
In 2015 Mobysoft’s revenues grew by around 50% for the third successive year. This growth has enabled the business to successfully re-invest in the solutions, services and personnel which has ensured the business has substantially grown its customer base whilst remaining highly profitable.

“We are thrilled to be recognised by the Northern Tech Awards again,” commented Derek Steele, CEO and Founder of Mobysoft. “At the core of our successful growth is both our unique solution and service approach. We predict and then validate what efficiencies and revenue savings we will deliver our customers, and this is done on an on-going basis, so customers can constantly monitor the ROI they are delivering by investing in RentSense.”