Mobysoft, a leading supplier of predictive technology solutions to social landlords, has appointed Sean McGrory as Head of Business for Scotland at the same time as holding its first social housing conference in Scotland.

Sean joins from Capita Plc and brings with him a wealth of business development and consultancy experience within social housing and the public sector, having also worked at organisations such as BT Global Services and Bloxx.

“I am excited to join such a successful and fast growing company like Mobysoft,” commented Sean, “whose solutions are truly innovative and deliver landlords a huge amount of value by embedding efficiencies and saving money.”

Sean joined at the same time Mobysoft held their first conference in Scotland, entitled “Protecting Revenue – Building Strategy Around Data”, which attracted over 20 landlords and 30 delegates as leading figures and organisations from the sector spoke, including Elaine Byrne, Director of Scotland’s Housing Network and Alistair McIntosh, Chief Executive of HQN.

“We already have a presence and customers in Scotland,” commented Mobysoft’s commercial director Paul Evans. “But by further investment we believe we can extend our services and grow our customer base. We already know we are helping landlords allocate resources to the right areas. For example, within the first three months of using RentSense, Melville Housing had reduced their housing officers’ case load by 56{bc2f0c5fbf2663b4d0f6e0c34d5097d2a5d9b5833bdf48086cfa9324f9f68701} and helped create an officer capacity of 1.29 FTE.”