Mobysoft, the market leader in predictive analytics for social housing providers, has appointed Alex Karle as its new CEO, as Derek Steele, the company’s founder and long-time CEO takes up a new role of Chief Innovation Officer.

Over the last 4 years Mobysoft have more than trebled in size. Their flagship RentSense product now manages arrears for more than 140 social landlords across 1.5m properties.

“I’m incredibly excited about bringing more ground-breaking technology solutions to the sector and this requires me spending more time with customers and driving innovation. In order to follow this passion, along with the Board, we have conducted a lengthy process to find a new CEO to run the company. I was delighted when Alex chose to accept due to his impressive growth track record and his passion for building teams and customer focus.” Commented Derek.

New CEO, Alex Karle, has 20 years experience in the information and data analytics sector and joins from Evaluate, a company he led to treble in size from a position similar to where Mobysoft is now.

“I am excited about joining a technology company that makes a material difference to society. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with Derek and the team to realise Mobysoft’s vision to unlock the power of our customers’ data to help social landlords deliver great service and transform lives.” Explained Alex.