Mobysoft has appointed Liam Davies and Laurie Franks as the new Income Maximisation Directors. This is a new role for the software business and is focused on offering income consultancy and advice exclusively to RentSense customers.

Mobysoft has over 145 social landlords using RentSense which helps to deliver significant efficiencies. This role has been designed to add further value to the organisation’s customer base and ensure landlords extract maximum value from their investment into RentSense.

Liam has a wealth of experience in income collection at social landlords, most recently at Equity Housing Association where Liam was part of the team that consistently delivered and maintained rent arrears below 1%. Moreover, Liam also has experience of operating with different approaches to rent collection, with specialised income collection teams and generic housing officers, where income collection is just part of their remit.

“It’s a great opportunity at Mobysoft and to work closely with so many social landlords. I have worked with RentSense and seen the benefits it delivers first-hand, and I can use that knowledge alongside my experience to help support and advise customers on best practice and wider income collection issues.” Commented Liam.

Laurie’s background is also Income Management within Social Housing. With over 15 years’ experience working for large Housing Companies like Home Group, Thirteen Group and more recently at South Tyneside Homes, an ALMO based in the North East of England. Laurie has lots of experience successfully leading Income Teams through change; ranging from company mergers, introducing new Housing Management Systems and more recently the transition to Universal Credit.

“This is a great appointment to the business. They are both well-respected practitioners in the sector, and their background knowledge and expertise will work well with customers,” commented Paul Evans, Director at Mobysoft.

“Recent research demonstrated how RentSense customers have lower eviction rates than non-RentSense users and how it reduces the number of tenants in debt and the level of debt. This new approach, of income maximisation, coupled with RentSense will help customers further optimise performance.”