Moat, a housing association working across London and the South East of England, has successfully deployed RentSense to help mitigate Universal Credit as well as increase rent collection.

Moat, who own and manage around 20,000 homes, projected the impact of full-service Universal Credit and believed it could deliver 3,000 new cases for the income team to manage, as well as the potential impact on cashflow and bad debt, and were keen to alleviate these effects as much as possible. There was also concern that the income team’s workload was being duplicated.

“There was a need to free up capacity within the income team. As an organisation we cannot continue to provide extra resources indefinitely, we needed to target our efforts where they are required,” explains Kristian Melgaard, Director of Customer Contact at Moat.

RentSense was rolled out in June 2017 at Moat with a target of helping reduce arrears by £600,000 in twelve months.

“Nine months after implementation we had exceeded our initial target (of reducing arrears by £600,000) and at the moment, about ten months post RentSense, arrears have fallen by almost £800,000,” explains Kristian


“It has helped us have a huge impact, arrears have fallen from 4.88% to 3.85% (both gross figures) since installing RentSense,” comments Lorraine Grindley, Head of Customer Accounts at Moat.

With the challenge of Universal Credit on the horizon, Moat has begun testing RentSense’s Daily Processing, which captures all payments made each day, removing them from the weekly workload. Once agreed this is another part of the system that will assist with ensuring that the workload is not duplicated.  They are also developing their own preferences of RentSense cases, as well as adding in bespoke elements to their caseload.

“Maximising income and sustaining tenancies are not mutually exclusive. We must support people in the right way, whether that’s early intervention, targeting specific support or encouraging them to work with us. The bottom line is about keeping people in their homes and bringing in the money, and that is what RentSense is helping us do,” comments Kristian.


“By using RentSense, Moat have been able to allocate the right resource to the right cases at the right time.  And as a result the income team have done an incredible job by collecting more rent and lowering arrears but also mitigating the early effects of full-service Universal Credit,” commented Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft.