Liverpool based Housing Association, Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH), has gone live with RentSense. LMH wanted to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the management of arrears recovery and chose to invest in RentSense.

“Whilst the existing income management system is the prime management tool for arrears recovery there was a need to apply an improved intelligence in identifying customer payment patterns that would enable recovery staff to focus on rent accounts that had fallen into genuine arrears of rent,”

commented Garry Croll, Assistant Director of Housing at Liverpool Mutual Homes, as he explained the motivation behind investing in RentSense.

LMH manages 15,000 homes in the city and was a stock transfer from the council in 2008. Welfare reform was high on the agenda for LMH but so too was the flexibility of the RentSense system.

“The Government’s welfare reform programme is driving social landlords to consider new ways of working including in a more agile way. The RentSense system can be accommodated across a range of hardware solutions that supports mobile and agile working that in turn has also helped deliver operational efficiencies to the organisation,”

commented Garry.

“We would like to welcome Liverpool Mutual Homes on board,” commented Derek Steele, CEO and Founder of Mobysoft. “RentSense is a proven solution in delivering tangible efficiencies and it is helping many mitigate the effects of welfare reform.”