Leeds Federated Housing Association has invested in RentSense, as it offers a solution to the expected impact of Universal Credit.

They have over 4,200 properties across Leeds, Wakefield and North Yorkshire and are keen to mitigate the risk involved when full-service Universal Credit is rolled out in their area.

“We have been working on getting our arrears to the best possible position before the roll out of Universal Credit in the areas where we have the majority of our stock. There is also the risk that the impact of Universal Credit will mean additional resources will be needed in the longer term to cope with the expected increase in workload for Income Officers. RentSense offers a solution to assist with managing this situation going forward.” explained Claudia Walsh, Head of Customer Services at Leeds Federated Housing Association.

Like many of their peers, Leeds Federated Housing Association, have invested time in developing their systems to help make their arrears processes as effective as possible. Moreover, they recognise that their current technology has limitations whilst RentSense will enable them to deliver further enhancements.

“Whilst we have a well-developed arrears management system and have been reasonably successful in reducing overall arrears, we have invested in RentSense to see whether this approach to arrears management will provide us with an additional tool to nudge our arrears level down even further before the full impact of universal Credit begins to take effect.”

Prior to selecting the RentSense solution, Leeds Federated Housing Association participated in a consultancy day run by Mobysoft, termed a Discovery Day.

“It’s worth having a discovery day with Mobysoft to see what the potential is for efficiency savings that could be realised, organisations can then decide whether to invest,” commented Claudia.


“We are really looking forward to working with Leeds Federated Housing Association. We are finding more social landlords are investing in RentSense to mitigate Universal Credit. As RentSense processes around 25% of all social tenancies in the UK each week, it identifies new payment patterns and trends associated with full-service Universal Credit, which we build into the algorithms. Therefore, the software evolves with the environment and continues to be highly accurate in its case recommendations, thus helping landlords deal effectively with UC,” commented Mobysoft’s Commercial Director, Paul Evans.