In 2019, Mobysoft’s Income Collection Best Practice workshops swept the country. These sought after sessions have visited 9 different locations, amassing over 200 attendees…and there’s more to come, currently undertaking our Q4 Income Maximisation workshops.

Led by Jon Brownbill, Head of Account Management, at Mobysoft, whose background is income collection at a various social landlords in the North West.

These sessions focused on challenging existing practices and applying innovative techniques that are becoming the ‘norm’ in the sector and encouraged attendees to look at income collection from a different perspective. The feedback has been universally positive:

Gwenno Edwards from Grwp Cynefin commented “I enjoyed the morning very much, it totally changed the way I look at rent collection”

Adelle Baillie from Edinburgh City Council commented “Getting an insight into the different ways to approach maximisation of rental income was very beneficial and informative”

Paul Jones from Trivallis comments “Excellent speaker who provided relevant examples and spoke from a position of ‘having been there’”

At Mobysoft we are dedicated to solely supporting the social landlords and we know the challenging environment has increased pressure on service delivery. So where possible and appropriate we want to help share best practice.

The good news is there is more to come and also following on from these income collection workshops, Mobysoft are running a new series of workshops this January and February, built around “Q4 Income Maximisation”.

Based in London, Manchester and Birmingham, they are covering the best ways to reach your set targets, as the end of year deadline approaches. For more information please follow this link or contact