Housing Solutions, a social landlord based in Maidenhead, has invested in Mobysoft’s predictive analytics housing solution, called RentSense.
Housing Solutions, with around 5,000 homes, are traditionally a high performer in terms of income collection but were mindful of the impact that welfare reform and Universal Credit could have on the organisation longer term.

“Whilst we already have good performance in rent arrears, given the increased pressure with welfare reform and also the rent reductions on our income, it is simply good business sense to make sure that we are giving our staff all the possible tools to make sure that they approach rent collection in the most effective and efficient way possible. We believe that Rentsense provides this.” Commented Steve Woodcock, Operations Director at Housing Solutions.


“RentSense has a proven track record in the sector helping landlords protect revenues and create efficiencies. Also, its use of predictive algorithms is something which the traditional housing management systems currently cannot provide.”


“RentSense’s unique predictive analytics and algorithms, that are continually evolving, are key for presenting an accurate caseload and helping landlords catch debt at its earliest stages,” commented Mobysoft’s Commercial Director, Paul Evans.

Prior to selecting the RentSense solution the Maidenhead based landlord participated in a consultancy day run by Mobysoft, called a Discovery Day.

“The discovery session was of great value, and I would recommend these to other landlords. Even if you don’t go ahead with the investment you will learn things about your arrears processes which you question,” explained Steve.


“We are looking forward to working with Housing Solutions, and they join a fast-growing customer base, where we focus on delivering on the efficiencies stated in the business case. It is this approach that helps us and our customers evidence the success that RentSense is delivering across the sector.” Commented Paul.