Your Housing Group (YHG), one of the North’s largest social landlords, has invested in Mobysoft’s RentSense, a predictive analytics solution.

“The YHG income team have been experiencing an increased workload due to welfare reform. This has been exacerbated by our current systems being unable to prioritise cases based on risk,” according to Paul Warburton, Director of Property Operations at YHG.

As a result of not being able to prioritise cases effectively YHG’s income team were spending a significant amount of time looking at low risk or non-priority accounts or accounts with ‘technical arrears’. In turn this was putting pressure on the team and creating a quantity versus quality culture targeted primarily on recommendation completion rates.

“What’s more we want to be more proactive, catch cases earlier on and be able to plan for future changes and the roll out of full service UC. By working smarter RentSense will help free up resource so that we can commit the necessary time to get the best outcome from every contact with the customer and mitigate future loss of income,” explains Paul.


“At Mobysoft we are seeing many social landlords invest in RentSense to mitigate welfare reform and deliver real efficiencies,” explains Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft.


“It is a proven solution within the sector with a track record of helping landlords target their resource in the right area at the right time by getting an accurate caseload for the income team.”

Before investing in RentSense YHG had a free day’s worth of consultancy (termed discovery day) from Mobysoft, that according to Paul Warburton:

“The discovery day was of real value. As Mobysoft analysed our current processes and systems and were able to highlight how we could better target our resources in a more efficient manner.”