At CIH, in Manchester in June, Mobysoft are hosting two hot topic seminars, where leading social landlords will address two key challenges that are impacting the sector. On Wednesday 28th June Maggie Cornall, Operations Director at Blackpool Coastal Housing (BCH) will discuss “What strategies can landlords take to mitigate the risk of lost revenue.”

The seminar will highlight how the risk to revenues has never been greater for social landlords as the 1{bc2f0c5fbf2663b4d0f6e0c34d5097d2a5d9b5833bdf48086cfa9324f9f68701} rent cut in England bites and Universal Credit continues to impact collection rates. Maggie will discuss how BCH prioritised protecting revenues and the strategies they put in place to mitigate the risk to their rent roll, and also share experiences of how they have managed to maintain collection rates.

To reserve your place please complete the form below. A free buffet lunch will be provided to all delegates

  • Time: 13:15 – 13:45 on the Wednesday 28
  • Date: Wednesday 28th June
  • Location: Mobysoft Stand at CIH – Stand G20
  • Cost: Free of charge although pre-registration is recommended

CIH 2017 Hot Topic Seminar Reservations