The London Borough of Havering has achieved its lowest ever rent arrears by using Mobysoft’s RentSense solution.

Havering council were set some high targets for April 2017, including reducing rent arrears to below 2%. The council invested in RentSense to help their team manage their time more efficiently and to present a caseload of just those cases that required action, that would help enable the team to achieve their set targets.

Prior to deploying RentSense Havering’s weekly caseload from the Housing Management System for the income team was just over 5,100 cases but RentSense recommends under 2,000 each week. The caseload reduction is significant, around 3,200 each week, but moreover the weekly caseload is now accurate.

“We wanted RentSense to enable people to be able to focus more on the task at hand rather than waste time looking at cases that needed no action. RentSense cleverly filters the cases that need prioritising and it really does save officers a lot of time so that they can focus on the things that require attention,” explains Janis Robert-Edwards, Havering’s Income Manager.

Havering Council has recently undergone a restructure which has seen a reduction in staff across the organisation, whilst also pressing with their targets for the housing team to reduce their arrears, and by March 2017, Havering achieved a figure of 1.76%, which was the first time in the council’s history that arrears have been that low and below 2%. The arrears figures have reduced by over 18% in twelve months, as they were at 2.15% in March 2016, and have dropped to £999,080, which is the first time they have dropped under £1m.

“This is a fantastic figure for the council, especially in light of welfare reform,” comments Janis.

“RentSense has helped by alleviating the pressure on the income team and giving them the time to deal with the caseload,” explains Amanda Ball, Senior Income Officer at Havering Council.