Guildford Borough Council has invested in RentSense to help mitigate the projected impact of Universal Credit.

The council is historically a high performer in the sector, with low arrears and high collection rates. They have over 5,000 homes but have raised concerns about the transition to full-service, in October 2018, and how this could potentially affect performance.

“Our collection rate is 100.02%, however with the introduction of welfare reform and Universal Credit on the horizon, we cannot afford to stand still. We know that officers’ workloads will increase, and we want to maximise the resources that we already have. So, we have invested in RentSense to streamline the current workload which will allow improved efficiencies and maximise income collection,” explained Siobhan Rumble, Landlord Services Manager at Guildford Borough Council.

Guildford Borough Council conducted an exhaustive search for solutions that can embed efficiencies in income collection and enable greater support for tenants.

“We found there is no comparable software to RentSense in the social housing sector that offers payment profiling and predictive analytical technology. The software already works alongside our HMS rent accounting system at other landlords. We also visited several different sites that had already signed up and were using RentSense and believe that this is the best option for us going forward” commented Siobhan.

Prior to selecting the RentSense solution Guildford participated in a consultancy day run by Mobysoft, termed a Discovery Day.

“It was a very useful exercise having Mobysoft consult with each officer and get an understanding of how they were currently working and if or how this could be improved.,” highlighted Siobhan.


“We are really looking forward to working with Guildford Borough Council. Like many councils they have invested to help protect revenues and mitigate welfare reform. RentSense processes around 25% of all social tenancies in the UK each week, and identifies new payment patterns and trends associated with full-service Universal Credit, which we build into the algorithms. Therefore the software evolves with the environment and continues to be highly accurate in its case recommendations, thus helping landlords deal effectively with UC,” commented Mobysoft’s Commercial Director, Paul Evans.