Gravesham Borough Council have just gone live with RentSense.

Gravesham invested in RentSense for a variety of reasons, but ultimately it was based upon creating capacity for officers and then allocating their time to the tenants that need their support at the very earliest stages of debt.

The housing team were very enthusiastic about the implementation of RentSense as they believe they will be able to offer more support to their tenants and improve performance.

On the day of implementation, one housing income officer found that two of their first few recommended cases were tenants who had last been contacted mid-2016 and late-2017, respectively, and had been sitting in arrears all that time. They had simply not been recommended by their previous arrears management system. The officer was able to deal with them straight away and Mark Segal, the income manager commented:

“This is why we got RentSense, to deliver an accurate caseload so the officers can make a difference with each call. RentSense has helped us to proactively identify when our tenants are both in arrears as well as in credit. We recently found that one of our tenants who was over £2,500 in credit, it is not very often you get to give tenants such good news.”


“It’s great to have Gravesham go live with RentSense. This is our 18th customer to go live in 2019 alone, and customers are benefitting from having RentSense in from day one, as Gravesham can testify.” Commented Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft.