Sunderland based social landlord, Gentoo Group, has invested in Mobysoft’s RentSense solution to create efficiencies to help mitigate the effects of welfare reform.

Full-service Universal Credit goes live in Sunderland City Council in May 2018, where Gentoo have the majority of their 29,000 stock, and they are keen to consolidate their position before the transition next year.

“Whilst we perform well in our arrears management we are not complacent and  Investing in Rent Sense will allow us to redeploy resources to assist with the implementation of Universal Credit full service,” explained Susie Thompson, Deputy Director of Operations at Gentoo Group.

Many landlords are looking to technology to create tangible efficiencies, and RentSense has a proven track record for helping income teams to work more effectively and efficiently. There are over 90 landlords using RentSense and many cite it as the reason for their arrears falling, whilst also crediting the solution for creating measurable efficiencies which are helping landlords mitigate the effects of welfare reform.

Gentoo would also recommend other landlords spend time talking to Mobysoft to see if they could benefit from investing in RentSense.

“It’s worth meeting with Mobysoft just to find out how they can assist, as they will spend time with your local teams to understand your business before providing you with a business case outlining your potential savings,” highlights Susie.