Gentoo has used Mobysoft’s RentSense, a predictive analytics solution, to embed efficiencies within their organisation to help mitigate the impacts of Universal Credit.

Gentoo, a top quartile performer, with collection rates over 100% and arrears under 1%, identified that Universal Credit is their biggest threat to income collection. Currently, they have around 700 tenants claiming Universal Credit (UC), but by the time full-service is completed their research indicates this will rise to around 10,000 residents.

“We have invested in RentSense to create efficiencies that enables us to free up capacity, so we are able to move resource around,” comments Susie Thompson, Deputy Director of Operations at Gentoo.

Gentoo wanted to be able to make efficiencies so they could create an additional seven job roles that would specialise in Universal Credit, providing support and advice to customers.

These staff members will be trained by their Money Matters Team, who provide advice around debt, benefits, budgeting and the maximisation of income. This team currently deal with all new claimants of Universal Credit, helping them to budget, set up a bank account and explain how the changes will affect them.

When full-service UC goes live in July 2018, they will require more resource and this is what they hoped to achieve through RentSense,

RentSense was deployed in July 2017 and immediately reduced workload by around 40%, as it accurately predicted who will and won’t pay their rent, so officers only work on cases that need contact.

“We needed additional resources, but we could not see how we could release capacity for UC, but with RentSense giving the officers just the right cases we have managed to do that quite painlessly,” explains Susie.


“RentSense has helped us to free up seven full-time equivalent staff, who will be seconded to the Money Matters team prior to Universal Credit full-service roll-out.”

Gentoo has had RentSense for around six months and its impact has been felt around the organisation and they now recommend it to their peers, as Susie explains:

“We recommend RentSense to other housing associations, as it has helped us to save time, effort and money – and ultimately deliver added value to our customers.”

At Gentoo we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers. By strengthening specialist services, we can further support our most financially vulnerable customers and promote greater tenancy and neighbourhood sustainability.

“We are finding that many social landlords, just like Gentoo, are benefiting from using RentSense,” commented Mobysoft’s Commercial Director, Paul Evans.


“Around 100 social landlords are now using it to embed efficiencies and help mitigate welfare reform.”