Flintshire County Council has invested in RentSense to help mitigate the effects of full-service Universal Credit (UC) and give their housing team more time to support tenants.

Flintshire was the first local authority in Wales to transition to full-service Universal Credit in April 2017. The effects have been far-reaching for the council with workloads increasing for the housing team which has coincided with a rise in arrears.

David Barnes, Revenues Manager at Flintshire County Council said “The increasing workload has created a real challenge for the Council and to ensure our rent recovery process is more efficient to meet the challenges of the future, the investment in the Mobysoft Rent Sense solution will allow the Rent Income service to track and monitor rent arrears much more quickly through systems that will offer predictive analytics, trend-analysis and risk profiling, meaning that officer time will not be wasted on cases that do not always require contact”.

The investment in RentSense will give the housing team an accurate caseload and identify the tenants that need contact and support in priority order.

David also commented:

“RentSense will help the Council to become proactive and support tenants with the transition to UC, but importantly enable us to intervene at the earliest stages of debt, so we can help the tenants and sustain more tenancies.”

“We are finding more social landlords are turning to RentSense, as it is the only proven solution to deliver an accurate caseload so housing teams can support the right tenants at the right time. As we process around 30% of all social tenancies in the UK, so we use this insight to continually update the predictive analytics and algorithms that sit behind RentSense to ensure it evolves with the changing environment.” Commented Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft.

“The service from Mobysoft has been excellent so far, and the team are looking forward to go live. We have also been able to attend some income collection best practice workshops run by Mobysoft in advance to ensure we extract maximum benefit from our investment.” David concluded.