Fife Council has invested in RentSense to support them in their mitigation plans for Universal Credit and protect their Housing Revenue Account (HRA) to help keep their development plans on track.

Fife Council, which owns around 30,000 homes, is the second-largest local authority in terms of stock in Scotland and one of the largest across the UK. The council has ambitious development plans and needs to ensure a robust Housing Revenue Account to help deliver its objectives. However, since full service Universal Credit Fife has experienced a rise in arrears to just under £7m. What’s more they expect up to 16,000 tenant households to transfer to Universal Credit following full roll out,

“The forecasts made by the council at the time expected arrears to increase by £5.6m,” explained Vania Kennedy, Service Manager for Income, at Fife Council.

“We decided to invest in RentSense as we believe it will help us mitigate the effects of Universal Credit. It will help from the perspective of identifying the right arrears cases at the right time, so we can identify debt at the earliest stages so we can help those tenants, as well present us with the can pay, won’t pay tenants.”

There are over 15 social landlords across Scotland now using RentSense to help deliver efficiencies and give housing officers more time to support and speak to their tenants.

“We have been impressed whilst working with Mobysoft. The efficiency gains outlined from business case will help our officers focus on other activities and help income collection become more efficient.”

RentSense was recently deployed across the council’s eight locations over a two day period, with support and training delivered on-site.

“We invested time in user acceptance testing before go-live, which helped make the deployment a success along with all the preparations made between Mobysoft and our technical staff. It was great to have Mobysoft on-site supporting different groups of staff as they started to use the new system, and overall officers have found RentSense easy to use.”

Paul Evans, Executive Director at Mobysoft, commented: “Everyone involved in the project, from both Fife Council and Mobysoft, have worked really well together on the project and implementation, and we are looking forward to working closely with them to help mitigate the effects of Universal Credit.”