Enfield Council, one of the thirty-three London Boroughs, has invested in RentSense to mitigate the impact of Universal Credit and help prevent tenants from falling into arrears.

Like many of their local authority peers, Enfield has been facing the growing impact of Welfare Reform, and in particular, increasing numbers of tenants moving across from Housing Benefit to Universal Credit.

“What has exacerbated this transition is that our current rent system was not able to produce targeted alerts for tenants potentially falling into arrears. As a consequence, many tenants were slipping into relatively low-level arrears without receiving contact from the income team,” explained Geoff Waterton, Head of Service of Assessment and Collection services at Enfield Council.

There is also the further risk of the managed migration programme of Universal Credit for Enfield, from 2020, which will see an acceleration of tenants moving across to UC.

“Enfield has decided to invest in RentSense to maximise income officer time to mitigate UC, and minimise the risk of tenants going into arrears they could not afford to pay back and avoid additional staffing costs as Housing Benefit reduces,” commented Geoff.


“More local authorities are realising the benefits of investing in RentSense,” commented Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft. “We look forward to deploying RentSense over the summer at Enfield so they can begin to embed efficiencies.”