East Dunbartonshire Council has chosen to invest in RentSense to help them mitigate the effects of Universal Credit and help arrest their rising arrears.

At present the council’s housing team are adversely affected by their housing technology systems which make it hard to address the correct arrears cases.

“Our ICT system raises arrears cases for officers to action, but this limits in what order cases can be viewed making it difficult to address the highest priority cases. This can then delay the priority cases being dealt with,” explains Ishbel Wright, Team Leader in Housing Operations, at East Dunabrtonshire council.

This onerous process has been compounded by the roll-out of full-service Universal Credit throughout Britain, which is adversely affecting income collection rates around the country.

“Universal Credit cases take much more time to deal with, and there this is a steep learning curve for tenants as well as officers due to the ever-changing UC legislation and Scottish Choices (Scottish Government). This coupled with the fact that the team are finding it difficult to address the right cases at the right time, drove the decision to invest in RentSense.” Comments Ishbel.


“RentSense enables us to prioritise and sort arrears cases more effectively, which should allow for a more efficient use of officers’ time as they are addressing just the cases they need to, which means we can catch them at their earliest stage.”


“It’s good to be working with East Dunbartonshire Council, they are the sixth Scottish landlord to sign up to RentSense in 2018. We are finding many Scottish RSLs are turning to RentSense to help mitigate Universal Credit and deliver an accurate officer caseload thus helping to free up officer time,” explained Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft.