Denbighshire Housing, part of Denbighshire Council in North Wales, has invested in RentSense to enable them to focus on early intervention to support tenants’ moving across to Universal Credit and reduce arrears.

“The way we manage our income has been changing due to Universal Credit. We want more emphasis on early intervention and support, rather than enforcement, which can put more pressure on households and often results in debt write off, which is money lost to the council,” explains Geoff Davies, Lead Officer of Community Housing at Denbighshire Council.

The council had been struggling to identify which households needed support and contact about their rent, in turn this meant officers were working on cases that required no action. The income team spoke with their peers to understand how they had overcome similar issues.

“We looked at other systems but Mobysoft seemed to be the only product that ticked all the boxes. Other landlords that had partnered with them said they were all seeing the results they expected, in terms of their income work being more targeted and efficient as well as cash improvements,” comments Geoff.

Mobysoft is working with Denbighshire to arrange an implementation for the council so they can start using RentSense to help support their tenants.

“Other landlords confirmed that implementation of RentSense is straight forward and quick. They can also support remote integrations, which in the current environment may be needed,” highlights Geoff.


“It’s great to be working with another local authority, we look forward to implementing and getting RentSense live for Geoff and team as soon as possible, so they too can start seeing the benefits of the system,” comments Paul Evans, Executive Director at Mobysoft.