In 2019 more customers than ever before have invested in multi-year contracts for RentSense. For many it was a matter of investing in a solution that is delivering key results and simplifying their procurement process.

John Lawrence, Head of Housing Management, at ONGO explained why they wanted a multi-year contract:

“Our housing system was unable to manage arrears cases effectively, since investing in RentSense we have seen a staff time saving of 1.5FTE, which has allowed the staff the time to focus on the cases that need to be dealt with.”

Another Landlord that has reaped the benefits from investing in a multi-year contract is Shepherds Bush Housing Group, who have over 5,000 properties in London.

Darren Reynolds, Acting Housing Director, explains the reason why they decided to move over to a multi-year contract.

“Arrears are more than £200,000 lower than the corresponding point last year. The team are happier, working smarter and with a clearer direction. We decided to take a long-term view and it’s working!” (Pull out quote to highlight at top of page)

Mobysoft’s Commercial Director, Paul Evans added:

“Many customers want to commit to RentSense as it’s helping their teams deliver great results. In addition to that it really helps alleviate the procurement processes for them. If you are interested in switching to a long-term contract or want to find out how we can support you in the transition please do get in touch.”